Functions of Gold

8 Functions of Gold That You Don’t Know

Although it may seem that the metal gold is only used for the manufacture of jewelry and aspects related to the world of luxury, the truth is that you would be surprised to know how this metal has endless functionalities that many people would never imagine and are unaware of. Complete. This metal is the best on the market, and as you know, it is also traded on many occasions with gold sales and investment actions.

Below, we show you the sectors where gold is used:


Yes, as we told you, the jewelry world is one of the markets that use this precious metal the most. Specifically, about 78% of all world production of this metal goes to jewelry. Although other metals are bursting into this market, the truth is that the king of all is still gold in the manufacture of bracelets, earrings, cufflinks, and watches, among others.


Perhaps you have yet to think about this functionality of gold, but the truth is that a small amount of this metal is used to manufacture the medals, trophies, and cups that are made. Unsurprisingly, the number 1s are always rewarded with this metal, since above silver and bronze, it continues to be the most valued and, therefore, the one that the winners and winners deserve.


Of course, we cannot leave aside the importance that this metal has had for the manufacture of coins since ancient times, even though the largest amounts of money are usually in banknotes. Many coins manufactured throughout history are collected for their beauty and exclusivity. Could you imagine what a gold coin worth 500eur would be like?


Although it may surprise you, the world of technology is another market where the use of gold is important. Many products require this material for their manufacture, mainly mobile phones, televisions, laptops, and music devices, among others. The reason for this use is because it is a great conductor, which is a fundamental aspect in the world of electronics in fixing and establishing cables. This explains how it is a determining element in the entire electrical industry.


You probably haven’t stopped to think about the importance of this metal in your oral appearance. Many dental appliances, crowns, bridges, and implants are made with this material. In addition, it is also used in other aspects of medicine, mainly related to radiology.

Automotive sector

In manufacturing cars and, specifically, airbags, there are gold particles that allow us to know exactly that all devices and safety elements work and are in the correct condition.


Many types of glass are made with gold pigmentation. The fact that this material is used means that the result is much more spectacular than any other metal.

Space sector

The use of gold in this sector is very important. Many of the pieces of the ships and part of the astronauts’ suits are made with small particles of gold, representing great safety concerning radiation levels.

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